GHÉ – Architecture Photography Book Series


To Handhome, finding the beauty in architecture is a process from questioning to realizing. This takes time and requires appropriate method. Handhome chose to look back in the past, document the values of Vietnamese architecture ever since.

We name this book series GHÉ, or “Visit” in Vietnamese, simply because they are the results of our experience in Vietnamese architecture. We aim to publish each book in the series about different subjects with the main material being architecture photography.

Each book will explore the aesthetics and beauty of many architectural works through new views brought by the development of photography and technology. All of the photos are taken in natural light so that readers can feel the most of the architecture.

Depending on the subject, each book in GHÉ will be published in Vietnamese or English and distributed via Gallery and Handhome shopping site.

Ghé 02 – Bối Khê Pagoda

After “GHÉ 02 – Bút Tháp Pagoda” was published by Handhome in early 2019, the subsequent architectural photo book is about Bối Khê Pagoda – one among nine in Northern Vietnam we have visited and photographed for publication about traditional architecture in this country.

Bối Khê (also known as Đại Bi Tự) is an ancient pagoda enriched with traditional cultural values from the Tran Dynasty represented by its structure; carved wooden, stone, brick sculptures; and diverse statues. The pagoda still remains today, having witnessed ups and downs of the country through various periods of time. We decided to make a photo book about Bối Khê because the pagoda is like an old library full of great reference values for further research and conservation.

In two years of photographing Bối Khê Pagoda, the landscape has changed quickly due to renovation and construction activities. Therefore, we indeed appreciate the material that has been collected before lots of changes taken place in the first half of 2019. Besides other books of Vietnamese pagoda architecture, we hope that “GHÉ 02 – Bối Khê Pagoda” photo book will be an useful reference material for architects and traditional architecture lovers.


More details
Dimension: 25 × 19 × 3 cm
Author: Handhome
Publisher: Lao Động Publishing House
Year: 2019
Language: Vietnamese, English
Page: 220
ISBN: 978-604-9865-25-1
Price: 540.000 VNĐ

Ghé 01

GHÉ 01 is the very first book we have publicly published. Our approaches are towards architecture works made in 20th century, therefore we can clearly see the influence of modern architectural movement as well as other inspirations on Vietnamese architectural context, particularly in Hanoi within the period from the 1930s to the late 1990s.

GHÉ 01 focuses on exploiting the aesthetic element, the beauty of the works through a new perspective by the development of digital photography and technology. All images in the book are taken by photographer Triệu Chiến, co-founder of Handhome, with natural light to see the material clearly at the architectural works.

We also wish that those who love architectural photography, and those are enthusiastic in recording and preserving cultural values in Vietnamese architecture can join hands with us in the following books of GHÉ series.


More details:
Author: Handhome
Publisher: Lao Động Publishing House
Year: 2018
Page: 288
Language: Vietnamese, English
ISBN: 978-604-971-511-2
Price: 360.000 VNĐ