Handhome was founded in 2015 initially to become a professional organization, connecting communities in Vietnam through architectural exhibitions and practice. Since 2017, after 2 years of developing community platform, Handhome has been photographing and documenting architectural works in order to build database for architecture studios. A year later, we started to publish books about domestic contemporary architectural activities. So far Handhome has been selected by most reputable architectural offices in Vietnam as a reliable partner in documenting and publishing architectural and design pulications.

In addition, Handhome also collaborates closely with cultural researchers to document many traditional heritage buildings in Vietnam as well as in the world. These projects give us opportunities to preserve great values and provide precious references for architecture lovers domestically and internationally.

Until now Handhome has published a number of books and magazines about traditional heritage and modern architectural works in Vietnam. We are looking forward to cooperate with museums, publishers and international researchers in order to creating content and documenting valuable architectural works in our country and around the world.


2019 An architecture photo book about Boi Khe Pagoda in Vietnam. It is like an old library full of great reference values for further research and conservation.

2019 An architecture photo book about But Thap Pagoda in Vietnam, masterpiece of ancient traditional architecture of Vietnamese

2018 Architectural works in Hanoi, Vietnam, 1930s – 1990s, from remnants of the international modern movement to Soviet-inspired monuments.

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